Big Bash

Participation figures over the years

    The table above uses data from various studies including 2010 ERASS (Exercise, Recreation and Sport) Report “Over 10 million Australians play Commonwealth Games Sports – 7 million Australians make swimming Australia’s favourite” – Roy Morgan Participation in Sport and Recreation 2013/2014 – Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 AUSPLAY…

The Womens Sporting Wars

Traditionally womens sport has been considered the less popular cousin to mens sport. This has been evident in sporting attendances, tv deals and media coverage going back decades. With the AFL launching its womens competition, and the threat from its financial and support strengths, it seems the latest sporting battlefront…

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2015-16 Crowds

The folowing table applies to Crowds after from the start of the 2015 NRL/AFL seasons to the end of the BBL season and Round 16 of the Aleague 2015-16 season.  

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No BBL Expansion teams for 5 years

News Ltd reports indicate that there will be no new BBL sides for at least another 5 years, but that the number of games may increase, as well as further integration with the WBBL. Also of note The international quota of players would remain at two per club The salary…