Weekend Crowds & Ratings – NRL R1, AFL JLT Wk3, AFLW R5, SXIV R2, HAL R22, EPL


Full JLT Series Crowds & Ratings are here.

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Fox League was the weeks No.1 STV channel with 7 of the top 10 sports broadcasts on pay tv according to ASTRA.

Full season Crowds & Ratings here.

Super Rugby

Full season crowds and ratings here.


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  1. If you combine the A league, EPL, and Bein sports ratings the football reach is massive in Australia now. That’s probably why companies like the City group have invested here and Red Bull want to invest here

    • ????? you must have some stats that I don’t see here, however A League plus EPL on SBS are both very low according to the stats presented here. BeIn ratings not listed here, however I’m not sure that TV ratings for “world’s best sports entertainment” on late night hours does anything more than show that such things are a viable commercial proposition for international cable TV networks. How this translates into a genuine home grown interest in the local product is another matter. I sense that this overseas product is actually a double edged sword for the A League in its attempt for genuine hearts and minds within Australia. Then, if local clubs think they’d like to get some “national glory” just to further their own special interests, well good luck to the game of association football and its attempt at mainstream appeal as a sports entertainment industry in this country. I feel yet another internecine destruction of this game coming on.

  2. SXIV means 14, Surely this is the SXVIII? In any case, the figures are totally damning for this code, both attendances and especially the ratings compared to last season at this time. Then more viewers, in general, watching the NZ games than the local games. Looking at the season to come, the Aussie sides only have 7 home games each, the Waratahs don’t play the high profile game against the Reds in Sydney, massive gaps towards the back end of the season with byes, away games and International breaks, not to mention the Test series features such “luminaries” as Fiji, Italy and Scotland. This is not looking good for 2017. Excellent site, but any chance of the Netball figures please? j

    • If there were netball figures available id have posted them, our only source for these is Mediaweeks twitter feed, and getting ratings for some sports is quite haphazard at the best of times.

  3. PS. NRL looks like it is continuing its trend as a “TV Remote” sport with attendances looking not much more than the A League. Indeed, if you consider the MLB SYD derbies, one could argue that the A League has some prospect of catching the NRL as a genuine spectacle in this country, especially a stronger and more genuine national competition. However, TV ratings, in the NE states, seem to be the NRL’s big claim to fame. Methinks the A League should focus on what works, maintain a tight and credible competition, ignore the local clubs that want to further dilute a competition that already struggles for mainstream appeal by having its “product” too thinly spread. Could it be that soccer will continue to self destruct as small thinking “club first” mentalities prevail?

  4. If it wasn’t for the first round Syd derby in A League in Round 1, the ratings and crowds would be behind last year. It would appear holistically speaking – The Tim Cahill factor has had no impact on the crowds or ratings.

    • Tim Cahill plays in MLB so not sure what effect he would have in Sydney? If he has helped the A League maintain its status then that may be a plus, considering what looks like very dark days ahead for Super Rugby. The A League do have something to work with these derby matches, but if good old local club/ethnic loyalties rear their head again then the A League will lose what kudos it has managed to build up. Imagine if the likes of MLB Victory or Wanderers were to get relegated in favour of some local club with a small fanatical support base that otherwise has no appeal outside its own small world? What the A League needs now is a tight, quality and CONSISTENT product in order to compete in the sports entertainment market place, not lots of small self interested groups once again behaving like uncontrolled cats. This is not England or Europe.

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