Weekend Crowds & Ratings – AFLW R6, AFL (JLT) Series Wk 4, NRL R2, Super Rugby R3, HAL R23 (Split), Super Netball


Full JLT Series Ratings are here.

Full AFLW Ratings are here.



Full year ratings are here.


Full year ratings are here. Estimated totals (including missing data based on 2016 ratings) can be found here. Note that I no longer include estimated NZ ratings as those figures are now 2 years old and likely to be highly innaccurate.

Super Netball

Full season ratings are here.

Super Rugby

Full Rugby Ratings can be found here.


2 Comments on "Weekend Crowds & Ratings – AFLW R6, AFL (JLT) Series Wk 4, NRL R2, Super Rugby R3, HAL R23 (Split), Super Netball"

  1. Hi,

    Regarding the NR for Collingwood vs GWS, I presume it is a NR because it is outside the top 20 Pay TV shows for the day. As per, https://forums.mediaspy.org/t/sunday-12-march-2017/2714 that would make it somewhere <36k.

    Seems to me like that is contributing to a bit of survivorship bias in the numbers, as a handful of the lowest rating games are being excluded from the averages.

    So my query for discussion was whether it is appropriate to include this game (and the comparable games in Rd 4 and 5) at 36k (i.e the 20th most popular program). It is not going to be correct, but more correct than totally disregarding.

    Tough one, but it could actually be material to the season average.


    • Ive thought about this myself, but have decided to go this way for the time being. Ive no doubt it does, but bear in mind as well that this bias applies to all sports we cover. Its why these ratings are always going to be imperfect guides at best. This was queried with Mediaweek on twitter this morning as well. Ill produce another table at seasons end which will fill those gaps with average reported ratings for the season in that time slot.

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