2022 NRL Ratings News

Regarding NRL ratings in NZ, we can calculate on existing data and media releases that Warriors games rated around 130,000 on Sky in 2018, while non warriors games rated somewhat less than 30,000. We have no further information since.


NRL Preseason on Fox Overnight

  • Total: 1.609m (ave 107,000)
  • Week 1: 756k (8gms, ave 95k)
  • Week 2: 853k (7gms, ave 122k)
  • Fox Cons+7 Week 1: 773k (+18k, ave 97k)

Round 1

NRL opening night rating is the second lowest on Fox STB since Fox began broadcasting the thurs night opener in 2016. (it was 9 exclusive prior).

  • 2016: 1.241
  • 2019: 1.183
  • 2017: 1.125
  • 2021: 1.083
  • 2018: 1.024
  • 2022: 0.918
  • 2020: 0.913 [No streaming inc. Kayo commenced Nov 2018]

Saturday night’s Foxtel/Kayo exclusive Tigers v Storm game was #1 NRL regular season game of all-time on subscription television with an average audience of 547K.  The second highest rating game of the 2022 opening round was the Cowboys v Bulldogs with an average audience of 473K. Overall, Round 1 of the new 2022 season was the highest performing regular season NRL Round of all-time for the Foxtel Group with an average result of 436K nationally.

Total TV + Fox STB Cons+7

  • Metro 1.056m
  • Regional 601,000
  • BVOD 117,000
  • Nine Network 1.774m
  • Fox STB 1.994m
  • Fox Group 3.488m (inc Kayo) Ave Fox Grp reported at 436k per match.
  • Total NRL Round 1: 5.262m

Round 2

After both Round 1 and Round 2 of the NRL, the average NRL audience for Foxtel and Kayo is 420,000, up 14% on 2021. Round 2 audiences averaged 393,000, up 9% on 2021.

Sunday night’s Bulldogs v Broncos clash was the number two highest rating NRL regular-season game of all-time on subscription television with an average audience of 544,000.

NRL Round 2 was watched by 4.587m people at an average of 573,000 people per match.

  • Nine 1.443m
  • Fox Group 3.144m

The first 2 rounds of the NRL season have had 9.919m viewers at an average of 620,00 per match Nine 3.217m Fox Group 6.632m

Round 3

Round 3 of the 2022 NRL season had an aggregated 4.959m viewers at an average of 619,000 per match.

The aggregate viewing across 3 rounds is est 14.879m and a season average of 620,000 viewers per match.

Round 4


In 2022, the average audience on Channel Nine has eclipsed the combined average for both broadcasters in 2020. About 150,000 people have tuned in to watch NRLW matches on Channel Nine in metropolitan and regional markets. The 53 per cent increase in viewers on Nine is reflected in a similar rise on Foxtel, which has seen most games attract between 50,000 and 60,000 viewers.


NRL Round 4 had a total viewership estimated at 4.877m at an average of 612,000 per match.

To the end of Round 4, the NRl had an estimated 19.756m viewers at an average of 617,000 per match.

Round 5

Round 5 of the 2022 NRL season had an estimated 4.685m viewers across Nine and fox groups at an average of 585,000 per game.

Round 1-5 the NRL had an aggregate viewership of over 24 million at an average of 611,000.

While Channel 9 free-to-air ratings for this year’s NRL season (Rounds 1-5) are down 15% compared with last year, the Foxtel Group appear to be going against the trend recording audience figures up 14% year on year, with an average audience of 425,000.

  • NRL FoxGroup average 425k
  • NRL STB Average 224k
  • Ratio stream to Stb: 0.89

Round 6

The Fox League exclusive coverage of Melbourne Storm’s demolition of the Warriors attracted an average audience of 577K across the platforms of Foxtel and Kayo, resulting in the 5th highest NRL regular season match ever for the Foxtel Group.

Round 7

At the end of round 7 of the 2022 NRL season, total aggregated viewing has reached 35.333m viewers at an average of 631,000 per match.

These viewers watched a 59m hours of NRL so far this year.

NRL audiences are up 6.78% on the first seven rounds of 2021 and up 28% on the first seven rounds of 2019 – although i note that Kayo was fairly new at that point and we have no streaming data for that time.

The NRL has had 6 match top the million total audience in 2022. With the top 5 being

  • Panthers/S.Eagles 1,180m
  • Panthers/Souths 1,153m
  • Broncos/Souths 1,126m
  • Souths/Roosters 1,037m
  • Broncos/Roosters 1,028m

Round 8

all 3 NRL FTA games last weekend rated over a million viewers. Thats quite rare and the only time this season. NRL viewership in Round 8 was over 5 million, taking the season past 40 million for the year.

Round 9


Round 10 – Magic Round

Preliminary ratings for NRL Magic Round 2022

  • est total 5.206m
  • 9 Metro 858k total, 286k ave
  • Reg est 514k
  • Fox 1.908m, 238k ave
  • Kayo 1.852m

The Telegraph reported that it was also the highest-rating round ever on Fox League, with an average audience of 470,000 across Fox Sports and Kayo.

  • 2021 Total 4.070m (508k ave)
  • Nine 983k total (491k ave)
  • 9 metro 620k total,
  • 310k ave (2 games)
  • Fox 2.007m (251k ave)
  • Kayo 1.081m (135k)