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The main intent of the site is to be a repository of the stuff that i argue about or discuss or write about on various forums and sites without having to go back and look it all up. I hope it proves useful to others.

Footy Industy was originally concieved as a wordpress blog in 2011,  before moving to the worldofwookie.com site in 2013. Today it has finally got its own domain, and we are in the process of shifting data from the old site to this one.

Why does this site exist? Boredom and a desire to freely share as much information as possible. With the move to the new domain, Im going to be paying more attention to the NRL and HAL competitions, indeed this year we began tracking NRL crowds, members and ratings before the move.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or corrections, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks Wookie.

A note on ratings figures

We’ve noted increased traffic from other sites and for those of you coming from other forums, please note that the ratings are complied from publicly released data. if our data is incomplete its because the released data is incomplete, and while matro ratings and fox ratings are generally fully available for the AFL and NRL (not neccessarily  so for the NRL seconds, Union and Soccer), regional ratings come down to Think TVs regional top 40 programs, and RegionalTAMs regional top 20 programs. The same applies to Throng.co.nz’s daily top 20 programs. All we can do is compile the data available – which is why we use averages and base the percentage decrease/increase predictions based on that.

The data sources for these come from:

  • Mediaweek Twitter (@MediaWeekAUS)
  • www.tvtonight.com.au (metro/fox)
  • www.mediaspy.com.au (metro/fox)
  • www.throng.co.nz (nz ratings – daily top 20)
  • www.thinktv.com.au (regional weekly top 40)
  • www.regionaltam.com.au (wa/tas regional weekly top 20)

Other sources may be released information from the AFL, NRL and other sporting bodies.

Please note, this isnt meant to be a perfect bible of ratings. We try, but this is only really a guide, and we are always happy to be corrected. If you see something that needs to be fixed, please dont hesitate to let us know. For a second opinion on league ratings, i recommend @RL Ratings on twitter.

You can feel free to direct link to any image on the site.

11 Comments on "About Us"

  1. Love your work Wookie, I need many personnel assistants, and your website is an asset to my project. What do you do for a job, have you a cv that you would like to to forward to my email address.
    Yours truly

  2. Not a comment, but seeking guidance. How can I access Football Federation Australia Financial Statements? I don’t wish to pay IBIS $85 + GST for the privilege.

    • See thats the rub. The cheapest you can buy them is direct from ASIC for $38.00 each. Either someone like me pays for them and makes them public, or many of these arent released. At $38.00 a pop it starts to get expensive.

  3. Hi wookie,
    In para ‘A note on ratings figures’
    Complied should read as compiled, matro shouuld read as metro.

  4. Wookie

    Have been reading your work for a while.

    I am putting together a table / chart or something I can use in comparing marketing campaigns.

    I was wondering if you know how to get hold of TV ratings and the years I want are 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015. I can get 2015 but the 2010 in AFL as well. However the ratings [especially Fox] I am finding hard to get.

    Also any idea on how to find media stories articles like how many articles written about the key sports in the same years.



    • Fox ratings early on werent published for the public at all as far as I know. You might need to write to oztam for earlier ratings information.

  5. Great site wookie and well done. We might have had a difference or two over the years but this is great stuff. Kind regards. Elb.

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