Cricket smashes NRL, union and A-League in TV ratings war

News Limited is reporting that Saturday’s one-day win over the Kiwis in Usman Khawaja’s comeback game remarkably attracted an audience FIVE times bigger than the rugby union world series in Sydney on Fox Sports.

The cricketers also rated almost 90,000 more viewers than the NRL Nines in Auckland, picking up their huge margin in the non-rugby league states outside of NSW and Queensland.

League’s highest figure was 167,000 compared to 255,000 that watched the cricket.

The Fox Sports ratings from noon to midnight also revealed that even the A-League game between Wanderers and Melbourne Victory almost doubled the rah-rah sevens as well.

In fairness to rugby union, a near-full house at Allianz Stadium potentially cost them 40,000 viewers who were watching at the ground.

Plus, the rah-rahs, with 16 nations competing, would have attracted the biggest overseas audience.


  • Cricket 4.30pm – 255,000
  • NRL Nines 2pm – 167,000
  • A League 7.30pm – 92,000
  • Rugby sevens 4.30pm – 55,000