2015 – Soccer reigns supreme in ACT Junior ranks

Soccer is the king of the kids in the ACT, with an extra 54 teams and an estimated 1000 new players set to take to the pitch this year.

Participation in Capital Football’s junior leagues rose 10.96 per cent from 2013 to 2014 from 10,512 in 2013 to 11,655 last year.

Those numbers are expected to swell to more than 12,500 based on early registrations.

In comparison, rugby league is expected to have 4000 juniors in Canberra club competitions, rugby union will have just over 3500 and Australian football had 1960 registered juniors last year.

The Canberra Region Junior Rugby League had 3600 registered juniors last year, with that expecting to rise to 4000 based on registrations.

There were also close to 4000 participants in school-based competitions, with nearly 18,000 exposed to primary and high school visits by NRL development officers.

The ACT Junior Rugby Union had 3506 players in junior club rugby competitions in the ACT last year and another 3513 in junior schools and 7s competitions.

There were also about 25,000 participants in promotional activities in the ACT.

ref: Soccer reigns supreme in junior ranks in Canberra among four football codes