AFL No.2, League No.3 – Roy Morgan

While the title isnt exactly news, Roy Morgan released a study on march 7th (“Over 10 million Australians play Commonwearlth games sports“), which amongst a range of other data offered up the following on Australias football codes –

Battle of the Football Codes


One of the most debated topics in Australian sport concerns the never-ending argument about which football code is ‘Number One’ in Australia. Clearly there are large regional differences on this question, however on the pure numbers Soccer is clearly well ahead on a national basis. In addition, men clearly outnumber women in participation across all four football codes.


  • Soccer: 1.48 million (7.8%). Men: 1.10 million (11.6% of men); Women: 0.39 million (4.0%);

  • Australian Football: 0.62 million (3.2%). Men: 0.50 million (5.3%); Women: 0.12 million (1.2%);

  • Rugby League: 0.35 million (1.9%). Men: 0.27 million (2.8%); Women: 0.09 million (0.9%);

  • Rugby Union: 0.25 million (1.3%). Men 0.22 million (2.3%); Women: 0.03 million (0.3%).

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