Round 18, 2024 – NRL Crowds and Ratings

Round 18 of the 2024 NRL Season was attended by 157,309 at an average of 19,664 – just below the season average of 19,898.

The Round kicked off on Thursday with the Eels facing the Rabbitohs in front of 13,941 at Commbank Stadium. The Eels now have a season home average of 18,527. Thursday Night NRL averaged 628,000, including 76,000 on BVOD, with a reach of 1.424 million.

This season Thursday Night NRL on Nine averages 594,000 (67,000 BVOD) with an average reach of 1.409 million.

Friday evening saw the Sharks take on the Titans before a crowd of 8,673 at Pointsbet Stadium – giving them a season average of 15,864 and 11,550 at Endeavor, while the late game between the Broncos attracted 42,433 continuing a season of massive crowds for Brisbane – and ahead of their season average of 41,332.

Friday night NRL on Nine saw 659,000 tune in, including 85,000 on BVOD, with a reach of 1.467 million. Broncos/Panthers streamed to an average audience of 329,000, while the Sharks/Titans had an average audience of 298,000.

This season Friday Night NRL has seen an average audience of 568,000 (64,000 BVOD) with an average reach of 1.334 million.

Saturdays early game saw the Bulldogs face against the Warriors with a great crowd of 27,223 in attendance at Accor Stadium. Canterbury now have a season home average of 18,852. The match streamed to an average audience of 285,000 on Fox platforms.

The evening game saw 10,311 at Leichardt Oval for the Tigers and Storm, pushing them to a season average of 17,084, and 11,483 at Leichardt Oval. The match rated 332,000 on Fox streaming platforms and was the highest rated streaming game for the round.

The final game on Saturday saw 18,787 turn out at QCB Stadium for the Cowboys and Sea Eagles, this is just below the Cowboys season average of 19,164. The match had a streaming average of 323,000.

Saturday games are not currently broadcast on free to air, and Foxtel dset top box data is not available.

Sundays early game saw 23,388 at Allianz for the Roosters and Dragons (just above the Roosters average of 23,027, and just below the Allianz average of 23,795) while the later game saw 12,553 turn out for the Raiders and Knights at GIO Stadium, well below the Raiders average of 18,710 for the season and 14,101 at GIO.

Sunday NRL saw an average audience of 421,000 with a BVOD audience of 42,000 and a reach of 1.199 million. Sundays streaming audiences will not be available until next week.

This season Sunday NRL on Nine has averaged 472,000 (454,000 without Vegas) inncluding 43,000 average on BVOD. The average reach is 1.161 million.

The NRL averages 277,000 across Foxtels streaming platforms with an average reach of 473,000, and average minutes of 30.858 million. The top 10 streams so far this year are:

  • SEagles/Rabbitohs 443,000
  • Sharks/Roosters 422,000
  • Roosters/Broncos 389,000
  • Raiders/Bulldogs 372,000
  • Storm/Sharks 371,000
  • Broncos/Sharks 365,000
  • Warriors/Storm 365,000
  • Eels/Roosters 351,000
  • Storm/Eels 346,000
  • Tigers/Broncos 344,000

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