Further Ratings Notes

As advised earlier in the week, we’ve received formal notice from Oztam that we may not publish tables with ratings figures sourced from Oztam, and must remove any from this site forthwith. We have thus complied with this demand. We apologise for any inconvenience as some of this data could not be sourced elsewhere.

However please note that the data sources for these tables were all publicly available and come from:

  • Mediaweek Twitter (@MediaWeekAUS)
  • www.tvtonight.com.au (metro/fox)
  • www.mediaspy.com.au (metro/fox)
  • www.throng.co.nz (nz ratings – daily top 20) – although this is now limited to archives prior to 2015.
  • www.thinktv.com.au (regional weekly top 40) – this is now limited to archives prior to 2016
  • www.regionaltam.com.au (wa/tas regional weekly top 20) – data from this is now completely unavailable.

Other sources may be released information from the AFL, NRL and other sporting bodies.

Discussions on Ratings can be had at various forums as well as our own here.


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