Media Rights

Netball Australia signed a 5 year deal from 2016.

Under the broadcasting agreement:

  • There will be 60 games played in Australia’s new national netball league season from February, with two live games and two delayed games to be played as a prime-time, Saturday night double-header on the Nine Network (free-to-air)
  • The remaining two live games will be available on Telstra TV
  • All games will be broadcast live through the Netball Live app
  • The Fast5 Netball World Series, to be held in Melbourne this October, will be the first event to be broadcast under the new agreements with Nine and Telstra
  • Fans will be able to watch all Australian netball content live on the big screen – including the new national netball league, Fast5 World Netball Series and Diamonds international test matches

Nine will also split the revenue for broadcast television advertising spots sold during the games.

Nine and Telstra will cover the costs of broadcast production

Nine and Telstra will also have rights to Netball Australia’s international matches, the Fast5 competition, the Constellation Cup between Australia and New Zealand as well as the Quad Series between Australia, NZ, South Africa and England.