2012 AFL Annual Report

So the AFLs 2012 Annual Report has finally been released and we can make some adjustments to the shallow pool of information we’ve had access to.


Perhaps the biggest items of interest in the participation section were

  • NSW had more than 48,000 Auskick participants – more than any other Australian territory
  • QLD had more than 88,000 school participants – more than anyother Australian territory

Club Memberships and Club Support

Financial Results

The Report notes that the AFLs subsidaries include AFL NT, AFL NSW/ACT, AFL QLD and AFL VIctoria (but not AFL Tasmania which was news to me at least). The report notes that

All of these subsidiaries operated in accordance with their operational budgets and recorded an operating surplus for the year

The AFL makes a number of different distributions and payments to AFL clubs. These payments included the following in 2012:
  • A base distribution to all clubs which totalled $121.6 million, an increase of $16.5 million.
  • A bonus distribution of $1.2 million to all clubs from the broadcast rights proceeds.
  • The AFL distributed equal and disequal payments totalling $30.6 million to all clubs in 2012 from the Club Future Fund.
  • Other payments to clubs included amounts for ground buyout agreements, distribution of the AFL’s signage rights at Etihad Stadium, prizemoney, travel subsidies and promotional funding to help clubs develop the game around Australia

General AFL Revenue

Consolidated revenue increased by $89.3 million to $471.5 million. There
were six main areas of revenue which contributed to this movement:
  • An increase in annual television, radio and internet rights fees totalling $53.2 million
  • An increase in sponsorship revenue totalling $10.0 million.
  • An increase in AFL Media revenue totalling $5.1 million.
  • An increase in corporate hospitality revenue totalling $5.8 million.
  • An increase in finals ticketing revenue totalling $5.2 million.
  • An increase in subsidiaries’ consolidated revenue totalling $10.9 million.

AFL Revenue and Expenditure 2003 – 2012 [click image to enlarge]

The AFL Annual Report can be downloaded in full from the AFL website.

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