2014 Crowd Summary

2014 started off pretty badly with the lowest opening round crowds in recent years. The NRL downplayed the figures, saying crowds were only down by 700 on average, and the league was still on target to average 20,000 by 2017.

In April, the Courier Mail noted that Titans fans were a bit like Goldilocks, finding excuses not to go to the games regardless of the weather, but noted that the Titans werent aloneĀ  with NRL crowds down a worrying 12 per cent over the first four rounds compared with those rounds in 2013.

By mid year however, media reported that the NRL had caught up and were on par with 2013.

Finals crowds were up 15% on previous years and would drag the leagues total averages up to pass the previous season.

In its annual report the league noted attendances were up 2.4% across the year.