2018-19 Aleague Crowds, Memberships, Ratings

Round 1

The Opening round of the 2018-19 Aleague season was attended by 84,761 at an average attendance of 16,952 persons – up 26.86% on the opening round in 2017-18, helped chiefly by the Melbourne derby (held in R2 last season). Nothing can really be read into the seasons performance until rounds 4-5 after the major derby matches are complete though.

Melbourne A-league derby attendance was the 7th highest A-league derby crowd in Melbourne – of any kind – and the 6th highest regular season derby (there’s a semi final at the top), More people attended this game than any game in the 2017-18 season. Victory average 40,750 against City/Heart at this venue.

Round 1 of the 2017-18 season rated a total of 384,000 on Foxtel, a figure that will not be met for round 1, 2018-19. which will finish with no more than 290,000 viewers on that mediium – a drop of at least 24%.

The A-league season opening game between Adelaide and Sydney rated 67,000 on Foxtel. This is the lowest rating season opening match on Foxtel since 2011-12 (the last time the opener was on a Saturday) .

The Melbourne derby rated 69,000 on Fox on Saturday night. Of the 8 early season derbies played between rounds 1-3 each season – this is the lowest Fox audience to date. Free to air television figures are not available at this time, however the match did fail to register on the Oztam multichannel top 20 (which cut off at 107,000). Last years broadcast game on One was Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC, which rated 84,000 in metro markets and a further 35,000 in the regions (and 107,000 on Fox)

Brisbanes game against Central Coast rated 53,000 while Perth had 58,000 viewers for their match. Figures were not available for Wellington and Newcastle as they rated outside the Oztam top 20 on Foxtel (which cut off at 45,000).

Note that the above do not include figures from streaming services including Foxtel Now, Foxtel Go, myfootballlive or Telstra mobile.

A-league Fox Streaming VPM for Round 1

  • Adelaide v Sydney 6,000 Melbourne
  • Vic v Melbourne City 6,000

Note: this report includes Tenplay/Foxtel streaming and runs Sunday-Saturday. Myfootballlive is NOT included.

Round 2

At the close of Round 2 of the 2018-19 season, A-league attendances are up 7.39% to 162,747 and an average of 16,275, compared to the first two rounds of the 2017-18 season. R2 was attended by 77,986 people at 5 venues in 4 states. (down from 84,737 in R2 last season)

At the close of Round 2 of the 2018-19 A-league season, Foxtel ratings are down 31.14% to 555,000 at an average audience of 55,500. Round 2 was watched by 268,000 on Fox (with a Sydney derby), down from 422,000 (with a Melb Derby).

Fri A-league last night rated 49,000 between Adelaide and Newcastle on Fox. The Friday match between Brisbane and Adelaide, from Round 2 of the 2017-18 season rated 88,000. Recent survey suggests streaming numbers are ~1/3rd of the TV numbers which would make it ~72,000.

Fox 70,000 rating is the lowest for an early season Sydney Derby (ie. held in the first 3 rounds) just behind the 79,000 for 2015-16 – this has gone as high as 188,000 in 2014-15 . Its only the second time the early season derby has been simulcast on FTA.

Regarding the One A-league simulcast on Saturday, cut off for multi channels was 80,000 and it didnt make it. However, it did appear to rate 38,000 amongst the 18-49 & 24-54 year old demographics, which is a good chunk of that market.

Round 3

At the end of Round 3 of the 2018-19 A-league season, attendances are down 13.16% to 207,475 at an average of 13,832. R3 was attended by 44,728 people at 5 stadiums in 3 states and New Zealand for an average crowd of 8,946.

At the close of R3, the average Foxtel audience for the A-league has dropped 34.35% to an average of 52,000 per game, down from 78,000 at the start of the 2017-18 season. R3 was watched by 221,000 on Foxtel. Streaming figures are not available.

Once again, no One data published for Saturday night Aleague. Published cut off for multi channels was 103,000.

Round 4

At the close of Round 4 of the 2018-19 A-league Season, attendances remain down, now -9.87% compared to same time last year, at an average of 12,829. Round 4 was attended by 49,105 – up from 45,757 during last seasons R4, despite playing in Mudgee – at 4 stadiums in 3 states.

With Round 4 of the 2018-19 A-league complete, Foxtels ratings remain down 32.35% on the same time last season to an average viewership of 50,500. R4 was watched by 234,000 on Fox, down from 311,000 last year. One and streaming numbers not available.