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Bellerive Oval (Blundstone Arena)


Traditional name: Bellerive Oval


Football and cricket first started being played in the area where Bellerive Oval is now in the mid-to-late 19th century. In 1884 the first football match on record from the area was played between Carlton and Bellerive. In 1913 the piece of land located between the now Beach, Church and Derwent streets was sold to the Clarence council. One year later, the new Bellerive recreation ground was ready for use.

North Melbourne and the AFL

On June 7th, 2011, North Melbourne announced that it had struck a three year deal to play 2 games a year at Bellerive Oval.

Negotiations brokered by the state government included talks with the Hobart Chamber of Commerce, the Hobart City Council, AFL Tasmania and Tasmanian cricket authorities who run the venue.

In 2014, the deal was renewed again for a further 2 years – but with 3 games a season, bringing it into line with Hawthorns deal at Aurora Stadium. The total cost of the deal was $600,000 to Tasmania – but covered by sponsorship from Hobart City Council, and the Government owned TT-Lines.

Hobart City Council announced it would not continue the sponsorship beyond 2016, but it was expected that TTlines would pick up the shortfall.

In 2016, the deal was renewed again, for another 5 years and 3 games a season. TTLines will be the sole backer. The amount has not been revealed.

Average Attendances

Home & Away Finals
Year   Attendance   GM   Ave.   Attendance   GM   Ave.  
2016 46946 3 15649
2015 43901 3 14634
2014 21343 2 10672
2013 23488 2 11744
2012 25240 2 12620
Totals 160918 12 13410

Top Attendances

Best Crowds
17844 North Melbourne v Richmond Bellerive Oval 2016
17544 North Melbourne v Richmond Bellerive Oval 2015
16495 North Melbourne v Sydney Bellerive Oval 2016
14346 North Melbourne v St Kilda Bellerive Oval 2015
14113 North Melbourne v West Coast Bellerive Oval 2012
13223 North Melbourne v Sydney Bellerive Oval 2013
12607 North Melbourne v Melbourne Bellerive Oval 2016
12011 North Melbourne v West Coast Bellerive Oval 2015
11127 North Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney Bellerive Oval 2012
10702 North Melbourne v Adelaide Bellerive Oval 2014