AFL and Club Stadium Agreements – as at Dec 2014

Theres been a fair bit of animated discussion recently over various Stadium Agreements recently so I thought Id throw this together for an easy reference tool. Where possible Ive used official documentation, statements and press releases – where this isnt available Ive used publicly available media.

Adelaide Oval – 2014 – 2034

Its believed that the terms of the AFL club leases are for a 20 year period, with the SMA having an 80 year lease on the Oval and Oval Core Area.

Football has primary access to the stadium, under the auspices of the SANFL, from 15 March in each year and expiring on 7 October in the same year (both dates inclusive),

Presently Adelaide and Port Adelaide are believed to receive 55-60% of football related revenue from the stadium, although they are pushing for 70% in the renegotiations, which they believe was promised under the original proposal.

Details are unavailable for the most part, but its likely that clubs receive funds from memberships, and a percentage of corporate box attendees (as is done at Etihad). Car Parking and Catering revenues are likely split with the SMA and SANFL, while the clubs would recieve some funds from signage. (note to self: confirm)

While the exact details of the stadium arrangement aren’t known, the agreement is presently siubject to some negotiations. I will update this when the negotiations are complete.


Bellerive Oval (Blundstone Arena) 2012-2016

Originally for two games a year from 2012 and mooted to be worth $1 million a year ($250,000 from Hobart council, $250,000 from RACT and $500,000 from TTlines),  North Melbourne will play three games a year from 2015 in  a deal worth $200,000 a match over two years, paid for by Hobart council.

The actual deal with the TCA is unknown, but is likely to be a clean stadium arrangement – all revenues minus costs would flow to North.


Burswood Stadium – likely from 2018

Obviously no deal available at present, although the WAFC is understandably keen to gain management rights, and WAFL clubs are concerned that changes to the current setup would mean less funds for WA football. Its believed that 80% of WAFC funding comes from Subiaco and the AFL clubs.


Carrara Oval (Metricon Stadium)

Cazaly’s Stadium

Docklands (Etihad Stadium) 2000-2025

Football Park (TIO Stadium)


Kardinia Park (Skilled Stadium)

Melbourne Cricket Ground – 1869-2042

Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium) 2000-2016

Subiaco Oval (to 2018?)

Sydney Cricket Ground – 1982-2047

Traeger Park

York Park (Aurora Stadium) – 2017







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