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Club arranged contracts, the AFL and Fixturing

  • Clubs can “”…do whatever they like but, in the end, unless they go and get the imprimatur of the AFL beforehand, it doesn’t carry much weight. They can go and talk to the MCC but, in the end, it’s the AFL that controls the draw” – Ian Collins (Etihad CEO)
  • Etihad games are shared by the Victorian clubs, except Hawthorn and Melbourne. “”The AFL has a contractual agreement with Etihad that requires a minimum number of games at the venue … they are spread across the competition” – Patrick Keane (AFL PR)
  • the MCC had no say whether Carlton or any other club played more games at the ground because the AFL had struck its own deal with the MCC and the league did not want clubs making separate deals with the stadium” – Stephen Gough (CEO MCC)


  • Tenant Clubs: Richmond, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Collingwood

AFL Fixturing and arrangments:

  • Football and Grand Final remain at the MCG until 2037.
  • AFL clubs recieve $100,000 per home game at the MCG for the next ten years (from 2009).
  • Ten of the best 12 home and away games must be scheduled at the MCG
  • The AFL and its clubs recieve 68.9% of all MCG revenue derived from football.
  • 45 home and away matches every year contracted at the MCG
  • All preliminary finals in Victoria must be played at the MCG
  • ten finals must be played at the MCG over 5 years. They can be banked from year to year, but ten must be played over 5 years.
  • The AFL must make the MCG available to other sporting events on a limited basis.

Known Club Arrangements

  • Richmond, 9 games contracted at the MCG, pushing for tenth. Current deal expires at the end of 2012.
  • Collingwood, 16 games contracted at the MCG, talks currently on hold. Collingwood evidently has the best deal at the MCG – its contract is more than just its match returns.
  • Melbourne recieves $1 million special assistance from the MCC over the next 3 years.


  • Tenant Clubs: Carlton, Essendon, St Kilda, North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs

AFL fixturing and arrangements

  • Ownership of the stadium is turned over to the AFLin 2025.
  • Docklands is entitled to a final if there are two or more finals in the first week, otherwise they must be compensated with extra matches the following year.
  • 46 games a year contracted until 2013, then 40 games a year until 2025
  • best endeavor clause requires at least 30 games to have a  potential crowd of at least 40,000 or more.
  • Stadium returns for crowds of 40,000 are believed to be about half that of a similar crowd at the MCG.
  • No third stadium can be built before 2025
  • all clubs recieve a minimum 100k per home game.

Known Club arrangements

  • Carlton contracted to play 6 games a year, deal ends in 2014. Etihad management trying to convince them to stay. Carlton recieved 2.5 million up front to move, however this has meant lower returns since. Carltons deal is apparently set to its gate reciepts.
  • Essendon  contracted to play 7 games a year, deal ends in 2025. Widely reputed to be the best deal of the docklands clubs.
  • St Kilda hasnt had a deal since 2008 and would like to play at the MCG.
  • North Melbourne may not have had a deal at Docklands since 2007.


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