2020 Club Finance Summary (Victoria)

All Victorian AFL clubs have now reported for the year. Revenues dropped 28% to 451m across all 10 clubs, which made a combined operating loss of -2.59m, but a combined operating profit of 9.75m for 2020

Victorian clubs took a hit to membership and gate revenues of 35.64% down to 111.04m for 2020. St Kilda were the least affected (-15%), while at the other end Collingwood & Geelong both copped 48% drops in attendance revenue.

Victorian AFL clubs took a 40% hit to sponsorship revenues, down to 81.1m in 2020. Geelong were the least affected (-20%), while Hawthorn copped a massive 56% drop in sponsorship revenues.

Victorian AFL clubs claimed more than 44m in Jobkeeper entitlements this year, with North Melbourne claiming the least (2.81m) and Richmond by far claiming the most (10.8m). Carlton did not reveal a figure.

AFl distributions to Victorian clubs were reduced by 20% down to 115.05m with Hawthorn recieving the least at 9.1m (-19%) and the Saints recieving the most at 16.16m. (-22%).

Victorian AFL clubs have spent 21.% less on their football departments in 2020, down to 193m. Western Bulldogs spending the least with 18.77m (down 27%), and Collingwood spending the most at 26.4m (-14%). Melbourne recorded the biggest decrease in spend, down 28.4%

All Victorian AFL club annual Reports can be found on their club websites and are linked on my tracking sheet for AFL annual Reports here. If you have any corrections or thoughts, id be delighted to hear from you

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