Online History Resource

To assist with enquiries or research, we’ve listed a number of online resources you may wish to consult – please note this is a work in progress
Official AFL and State league History sites
Official AFL and State Club History pages
Unofficial Club History Pages
  • Demonwiki (Melbourne Football Club)
  • Blueseum (Carlton Football Club)
  • Pivotonians (Geelong Football Club)
General Football History pages
Government Library sites

Online thesis and research

Recommended Reading
  • Blainey, Geoffrey. 1991. A Game of Our Own: The Origins of Australian Football.
  • Pascoe, Robert. 1996. The Winter Game: Over 100 Years of Australian Football.
  • Hess, Rob, 2008. A National Game: the History of Australian Football.
  • Bernard Whimpress, 1983. The South Australian Football Story
  • Stewart, Bob, 1998. More than a game: An unauthorised history of Australian Football
  • Slattery, Geoff, 2008. The Australian game of Football since 1858.
  • Linnell, Gary, 1995. Football Ltd: The Inside story of the AFL

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