Towards a National Competition – Timeline of VFL/AFL Expansion (updated 11/9/21)

Sources used:

  • The Australian Game of Football…since 1858, edited by Geoff Slattery
  • 100 Years of Australian Football – the official History of the AFL
  • The South Australian Football Story, by Bernard Whimpress
  • Behind the Play – A history of football in Western Australia, by Anthony Barker
  • From Port to a Power, by Bruce Abernethy
  • Football Limited, by Garry Linnell
  • The Phoenix Rises, by Ross Oakley
  • Fitzroy, by Dyson Hore Lacy
  • Urge to Merge, by Ian Ridley
  • Shake down the thunder, by Jim Main
  • Camry Crows 1991 Yearbook
  • Soaring – The Official History of the West Coast Eagles first 10 years, by Geoff Christian
  • Various sources at Trove.

Revised and Extended Timeline of VFL Expansion

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