2024 NRL TV Ratings to date (Round 1-7)

National Rugby League

On Nine the NRL are having an outstanding season with an aggregate of 12.3 million viewers watching Free to air and BVOD coverage at an average of 535,000 per match, including 1.339m on 9NOW at an average of 58,000 per match. This is slightly ahead – up 2.5% on the 11.993m who watched on FTA over the first 7 rounds of 2023. (an extra FTA game has been broadcast this year).

The highest rating game on Nine for the season to date is the Vegas match with 796,000 average and a reach 1.6865m

  • Thursday nights average 603,000, including the second highest rating of the season (721,000 for Round 5s Storm/Broncos), this is down from 617,000 in 2023.
  • Friday nights average 552,000, with the highest rating match being the 609,000 who watched the Good Friday game between the Broncos and Cowboys. This is down from 593,000 in 2023.
  • Sundays average 477,000, although that comes down to 431,000 if you exclude the seasons highest rating game to date – the Vegas opening game between the Roosters and Broncos. This is up from 439,000 in 2023.

In Sydney the average metro rating is 166,000, up slightly from 163,000 – but we note some data is unavailable so its probably very close. In Brisbane matches rate 132,000 on average, up from 118.000 but the same provisions apply.

The Average reach for NRL matches is 1.265m to the end of Round 7. Vegas opener drew 1.686m Reach to lead the way, but Storm/Broncos in Round 5 also drew 1.65m.

  • Thursdays average Reach 1.431m
  • Fridays average Reach 1.319m
  • Sundays average Reach 1.123m (1.043m without Vegas)

Foxtel STB ratings remain relatively unknown, with data for just six of 56 games available. Given how close our estimates have been in recent years using known data, we project an average Fox rating of about 247,000 with total viewing of about 14m for the season.

Foxtel BVOD ratings average 264,000 per game with an average reach of 434,000 per match. The highest rating game on FoxBVOD is the opening game betwen the SEagles and Rabbitohs at 443,000 (684,000 reach). Outside of Vegas, Round 7s Broncos/Raiders Saturday night clash with 328,000 average (520,000 reach).

  • Thursday nights have an average FoxBVOD audience of 236,000 and an average reach of 383,000. Round 5s Storm/Broncos game is the highest drawing Thursday clash on FoxBVOD.
  • Friday nights have an average FoxBVOD audience of 259,000 and an average reach of 435,000. Round 6s Storm/Bulldogs game is the highest drawing Friday game for the season on FoxBVOD with 318,000 viewers and a reach of 530,000.
  • Saturdays have an average FoxBVOD audience of 271,000 with an average reach of 436,000. Round 7s Broncos/Raiders game is the highest rating game on Saturday with 328,000.
  • Sundays have an average FoxBVOD audience of 270,000 with an average reach of 450,000. If you take the Vegas games out of the equation it comes down to an average FoxBVOD audience of 244,000 and an average reach of 413,000

All things, considered if our calculations are right, we project about 40m aggregate viewers for the NRL this season. An outstanding result and is more or less on par with last season. to the end of Round 7.

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