2024 AFL TV Ratings (Opening to Round 6)

On Seven, the AFL has had more than 13.183m viewers for the season, this is down from the 15.061m who watched the first 6 rounds of 2023. Even allowing for gaps in the data (mostly low flying single city broadcasts), there are not enough ratings to come anywhere near this.

The highest rating average audience for the season is 713,000 for the Blues/Tigers.

  • Thursday nights on Seven average 623,000 this season, with an average reach of 1.853m. This is down slightly from 645,000 per match. Round 1s Blues/Tigers was the top rating Thursday with 713,000 (1.893m reach).
  • Friday nights on Seven average 596,000 this season, with an average reach of 1.842m. This is down from 642,000 in 2023. Round 1s Pies/Swans clash was the highest rating there with 658,000 (2.1m reach).
  • Saturday nights on Seven average 511,000 this season with an average reach of 1.62m. This is down from 545,000 in 2023. Due to the nature of AFL broadcasts Saturdays typically involve multiple matches shown in the same slot, but Saturda of Round 6 has the highest average there with 628,000 and a reach of 1.763m.

Matches shown on Tasmanian tv average 38,000, about the same as last season.

The average reach over the first seven rounds is 1.599m. The record reach for the season is 2.145m for the Swans/Demons in the Opening Round.

  • Thursday nights have an average reach of 1.853m with Opening Rounds Swans/Demons reaching 2.145m.
  • Friday nights have an average reach of 1.682m with the Crows/Bombres round 6 clash reaching 1.820m
  • Saturdays have an average reach of 1.62m with Round 6s Cats/Lions match reaching 1.763m

Foxtel STB ratings remain somewhat mysterious with just 2 of 54 matches available to us. Our estimates last year were well over the formally released figures forcing us to rethink our modelling, as we were out by almost 12m (about 10% of the total reported ratings by the AFL). This revision reduced the STB:FOXBVOD ratio from 1.26 down to 0.83 for last year. Consequently we believe FoxSTB ratings to be about 11m, at an average of around 203,000 per game – although some data is missing and I believe this estimate to be on the generous side.

The AFL FoxBVOD average for the season is 218,000 with an average reach of 455,000. The Dockers/Blues clash topping the charts at 303,000 in Round 4 (and a reach of 624,000). Some matches have not been reported at this time, but we do have plenty of data to work with.

  • Thursday nights have a FoxBVOD average of 214,000 and an average reach of 421,000. the highest rating Thursday night game was the Lions/Pies in Round 3 with 245,000 and a reach of 484,000.
  • Friday nights have a FOXBVOD average of 215,000 and a AVERAGE reach of 423,000. the highes rating Friday night game was Round 3s Dockers/Creows with 230,000 amd a reach of 434,000.
  • Saturdays have a FoxBVOD average 225,000 and an average reach of 478,000. The Highest rating Saturdayh game is The Dockers/Blues in Round 4.
  • Sundays have a FoxBVOD average of 209,000 and an average reach of 472,000. The highest rating Sunday game is Round 3ws Tigers/Swans wikth 259,000 ad a reach of 531,000.

In total we estimate the AFL has averaged about 35m in total ratings for the year. this would be up on the 34m last year. However with so much missing data, the accuracy of this is figure questionable at best, and I certainly wouldnt want to head outo the Roar and argue with it.

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