ACT Crowds inflated in the past – ACT Sports Minister

Source: Canberra Times

On April 7th, 2014, ACT Sports Minister Andrew Barr claimed that sports crowds in Canberra were exaggerated in the past.

I think the crowd figures have been inflated in previous years, often by 2000,” Barr said.

“If you were to go back and look at what the actual numbers were before the inflation of numbers, it wouldn’t reflect as much of a downward trend that people might think

Raiders CEO Don Furner said the discrepancy was likely to be in the hundreds.

“In years gone by, the scanners didn’t pick up the junior passes and the members are a sold seat, so there used to be a factor but no way [was it 2000]. The scanners now pick up everything, so we’re more confident everything gets picked up. There’s a lot less they allow us to put on top.”

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