Pirtek Stadium renovations hurdle emerges

Source: News Ltd

Paramatta and Western Sydney Wanderers have been unable to come to an agreement as to how a proposed $29 million facelift fund should be spent. While both clubs want to upgrade player facilities, there are some issues over the rest of the expenditure.

Paramatta want the pitch behind the southern stand extended to full length so as to be better suited for training purposes, with the Eels apparently promised that when they signed their lease in 2012.

The Wanderers remain opposed to a proposed upgrade of the stadiums corporate facilites, because it would reduce the grounds capacity during the Aleague season.

Instead of the proposed upgrade to another 1500 seats, the Eels want the funds held over for a possible redevelopment of the stadiums capacity to 32,000.

Venues NSW put the development on hold at a board meeting on Friday, and believes that an upgrade to 32,000 would be a massive redevelopment costing almost $100 million.

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