New NRL and clubs agree to new funding model.

Source: Fairfax Media

In a three year agreement, the NRL will provide $7.55 million in annual participation payments to clubs, rising annually by $270,000. Clubs will be forced to meet minimum standards, which if not met, will result in a reduction of the funding available.

In addition, the ARLC will offer millions of dollars in incentives for clubs that excel at memberships, attendances, sponsorship and merchandise.

[In comparison The AFL provides a base figure  per year, plus future funding that differs on a club by club basis. The league is also resposible for distributing revenues from signage and pourage rights held at Etihad Stadium.  In 2013 this base figure was $7.19 million (up 400k on the year before), but the average club distribution was $11.6 million  – West coast received 9.4 million at the bottom, and the Bulldogs received $13.2 million at the top]

West Tigers chief Grant Mayer was quoted in the article as saying

‘‘The salary cap created a level playing field from a playing point of view and I think this is the opportunity from an administrative structure to do exactly the same. Conceptionally and structurally, I think it is very innovative and very fair. I think the fact that every club has the opportunity to retain $7.55m base funding is great and the other stuff gives us all a chance to be better. I think it is going to make clubs much more consistent and much more professional in how they approach the business of running a football club.’’



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