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AFL Ticket price increases in step with wage increases

Source: News Limited

News Limited reports that while the average price of going to the footy may have risen 120% in the last 20 years, the percentage of income required to pay for a ticket has remained more or less the same.

  • in 1994 the $11 cost of a general admission AFL ticket was 1.7 per cent of the average full time adult weekly wage.
  • The $16.50 cost of a general admission seat in 2004 was 1.7 per cent of the average wage of $965.
  • And the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for full time adult earnings of $1437 equates to — you guessed it — 1.7 per cent.

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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