Rivers of Gold at Adelaide Oval not likely: Kochie

Source: News Limited (Saturday)

The Crows and Power are both expecting there to be significant erosion of the “12 million dollar uplift” announced by the SANFL recently due to increased costs at the oval. On Sunday, the Advertiser reported that Adelaide will seek redress if the figures don’t stack up after a review of the financial returns at the Adelaide Oval in July.

Chairman Rob Chapman said it was too early to tell if the figures were stacking up; the Crows had initially expected an uplift of $3.9 million from the shift but that figure is now being thought to land around $3 million.

Port’s expectation — the Power came from a lower base — has been adjusted from $4.9 million to $3 million but the SANFL is confident the joint uplift for the two clubs will arrive at $12 million per season.

“It needs to be looked at because it is not the gold mine that we are being told it is,” Koch said at the Oval. “Some of the costs are way more than AAMI Stadium and way more than we expected — and it’s not just us. It’s the Crows as well.”


“We are incurring increases in our expenses”.

“But I have no axe to grind just yet and I want to see more figures, say from 12 weeks of attendances, revenues and costs to test the stadium model,” Chapman told The Advertiser yesterday.

“And I want to make sure the uplift that comes from Adelaide Oval does indeed go to where it was originally intended — the two AFL clubs.”


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