Boutique stadium needed: Roar chairman

The Brisbane Times reports that Brisbane Roar Aleague CEO Chris Fong believes that Suncorp is too big and the time has come to build a boutique stadium to better cater for the soccer teams crowds.

“Firstly don’t get me wrong, we like Suncorp we’re very lucky with Suncorp. I think it’s the best stadium in Australia,” he said.

“The thing is it’s too big and when we have problems like rescheduling for the Asian Cup and we move from Friday or Saturday night to a Wednesday night that really hurts us because people can’t come from work etc but our costs are still the same,” he said.

“We don’t have that freedom to be able to go to a smaller second venue in Brisbane.

“Nobody wants to lose money and we’re losing money because of that, because of the scheduling.”

“In the medium to long term there needs to be a plan for another venue.”

“We have situations at the back end of the season where for us it’s got to be becoming very important because of what’s happened (with results) and the quality of the pitch when you have last weekend it was terrible.”

The Government has no plans to invest in another stadium.

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