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Moorabbin is ‘logical place’ for St Kilda to be based

News Limited confirms that the Saints will not be sharing the new Junction Oval facility with Cricket Victoria, and cites the premier as saying that the Government will work with the AFL to see what can be done about moving the club back to Moorabin.

“I’ve got to be clear with you, Junction Oval is not one of them,” Andrews said. “We made a commitment to Cricket Victoria (regarding Junction Oval) — we want another first-class venue and we are not going to ask Cricket to share. In terms of Moorabbin — that is probably the logical place and I know that the sports minister John Eren has been talking to Gill (AFL boss Gillon McLachlan) and his team and to the St Kilda footy club about what might be able to be done there. They need some financial support to make that work — but there is issues around business cases and planning and all of that. I am more than happy to work through those issues.”

Jason Lassey

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