Crows expect “perfect” venue for Showdown after lockout from Adelaide Oval

The Advertiser reports that both Adelaide and Port Adelaide are unimpressed with being locked out of the Adelaide Oval due to an Aleague elimination final ahead of the Showdown, despite having an agreement that allows it access for two training sessions as the home side, while Port are offered one under the deal. The Crows expect a perfect surface for the showcase with no remnant markings or surface imperfections resulting from the A-league game.

“This is the showcase of SA football — and let’s hope the Oval is in the (perfect) condition it was (for the AFL season-opener),” Crows coach Phil Walsh said on Monday night.

Comments were also made by the Crows CEO

“We’re also happy to work with the SMA to maximise their revenue away from the AFL — but not if it disrupts our football program that underpins what happens at the Oval for seven months of the year. And I hope the Oval aesthetically comes up well.”

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