Adelaide United sees red over union cash demands

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that Adelaide United are taking a dim view of the players pay demands for the upcoming international matches, saying that the clubs make so little money off them as it is, that they may as well not play them at all in the future if the players pay demands are to be met.

United will receive $300,000 for playing Liverpool but the PFA has made a claim for $250,000 for player wages. The remaining $50,000 could be chewed by other expenses.

“Under A-League regulations the game against Villarreal was not to attract additional payments. We just paid the normal fee as we knew we weren’t going to make money,” said Griffin.

“The PFA is now saying we have to pay another $62,000.

“The clubs make very little money from these games, it showcases our brand to the rest of the football world and is a chance for our players to play the best in the world.

“Why the PFA wants to kill the goose that laid the golden egg is beyond all of us.”

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