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The NRL expansion plan that doesn’t involve more teams

Brad Walter writes in Fairfax media about the NRL expansion plans. These evidently include adding sides to the NSW Cup system but not adding new teams to the top tier until the existing 16 sides are standing on their own two feet.

“I think our clubs are stronger, there is no question about that, and there have been some interventions over the last couple of years to make them even stronger but until you have got 16 sustainable, profitable clubs that are able to re-invest back into their clubs it seems inconceivable that you would add a club and just add to the burden,” NRL chief executive Dave Smith said. “I think there has been a lot of progress been made there but you have got to get that base strong before you can contemplate adding any more NRL teams. But that doesn’t mean you don’t grow the game because you can grow in so many other areas.”




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