ACT Brumbies make 1.68m loss

The Brumbies increased sponsorship by more than $1 million this year to rake in $4.98 million.

Jones is targeting a further sponsorship increase to more than $7 million next year.

The new broadcast deal will bring in about $5 million per year over the four-year deal, giving the Brumbies an immediate cash injection.

The Brumbies were in danger of a loss of more than $2 million, but limited the damage to $1.68 and now believe they can turn their margin around.

The club generated $18,875,184 in revenue, but had $20,557,704 in expenses. Costs increased 5.9 per cent largely due to “budget errors, contractual compliance and clean up of the balance sheet”.

Rugby participation increased 10 per cent and crowds increased by 0.04 per cent. That 0.04 per cent is contrasted against an 18 per cent drop in Super Rugby crowds across the competition

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