The A-league and Geelong

In June 2014, Melbourne Victory announced that it would play a game at Kardinia Park in Geelong for each of the next three seasons. The Victorian Government reportedly allocated $50,000 to secure the deal.

“Melbourne Victory expect up to 10,000 fans from Melbourne to travel to Geelong for the first match this season, in addition to the thousands of Geelong and western Victorian fans who will attend,” Minister for Sport and Recreation Damian said. “The partnership will also allow the Melbourne Victory to build a supporter base in the region, while promoting participation in the sport.

On January 5th, 2015 the Heraldsun reported that there was a renewed push for an Aleague team to be based in Geelong with local soccer legends Josip Skoko, Steve Horvat and Adrian Leijer joining Geelong mayor Darren Lyons in declaring that the region ticked most boxes with regards to housing a club.

“It’s the biggest growing sport in the country and we’ve got a part to play, we should have our own A-League team,’’ Lyons said. “The blinkers have got to come off and if you’re looking at one million plus populations, you’re going about it the wrong way about it.”

On January 6th, Geelongs mayor was reported as saying that he would like a 15,000 seat stadium built in Geelong, but that it simply could not be done without the assistance of the state and federal governments.

“There is a huge opportunity for a 15,000-seater stadium at Armstrong Creek and we hope to put it on the agenda ahead of the next federal election.”


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