Drinks, food to cost more at Adelaide Oval AFL matches

News Limited is reporting that fans will fork out even more for pies, gourmet hot dogs, beer and soft drink this year at Adelaide Oval — already believed to be the most expensive place in the nation to watch the footy.

The price of pies has risen 10c to $5.30, compared with $4.10 at the MCG. In the biggest price hike, Barossa Fine Foods hot dogs now start from $7.50 — up 50c.

One thought on “Drinks, food to cost more at Adelaide Oval AFL matches

  1. Absolutely disgraceful, the people of South Australia are sick & tired of the Stadium Management Authority and in particular the officials of the SANFL & SMA. I know there is a few supporter groups calling for all fans too boycott purchasing food & drinks at Adelaide Oval.

    Support the Port Adelaide Game Day Village at the Memorial Drive Tennis.

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