March 24 – Thursday Crowds, News

The opening AFL match of the season proper attracted 75,706 to the MCG. (Details here.) Meanwhile, the Socceroos pulled in 35,439 people at AdelaideOval for their match against Tajikstan in wet weather. (Details here.)


News Limited is reporting that Cronulla and Manly may be forced by the NRL to move matches away from their suburban grounds at Endeavor and Brookvale. The NSW Government requires the NRL to make a 65 game committment to its major stadiums to get a 1.6 billion proposed upgrade.

The report comes as Fairfax says the four clubs that will need to move games are expected to hold the NRL to ransom with a list of demands that will need to be met. The clubs are well aware of the power they now hold and are seeking financial incentives to move matches to the major venues, as well as other guarantees surrounding membership and transportation.

Fairfax has also reported that the clubs were asking for an extra 200 million on top of the 1.6 billion already allocated. Fairfax Media understands the state government is becoming increasingly frustrated with the bickering among the NRL and its clubs, and has given ARLC chairman John Grant an April 1 deadline to gain a 65-game commitment to play at the three major venues.


News Limited reports that Geelong expects to be debt free sooner than expected – and for the first time in half a century – after it obtained 10 million worth of donations from wealthy supporters. The donations will pay off existing debts from the previous development, its share of the current development, and cover its losses.





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