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FFA reports first loss since 2011

AAP reports that Soccer’s national governing body posted a small deficit of $387,000 in Steven Lowy’s first year as chairman.

The chief earner for the organisation among $103.5 million of incoming funding in 2015 was the $42 million paid for broadcasting rights. However, there was an almost $4 million drop in sponsorship revenues while Gate reciepts dropped almost $1.8 million.

The biggest outgoing was $32.1 million in grants, including $2.5 million paid out to each A-League club.

  • Revenue: $103,519,000 (down from 162 million in 2015, mostly income from the Asian Cup)
  • Broadcast Revenue (including contra): $42,683,000 (up from $42,523,000)
  • Sponsorship Revenue: $21,830,000 (down from $25,557,000)
  • Gate Reciepts: $8,146,000 (down from $9,933,000)


The 2016 Annual Report can be found here. More details can be found in the 2016 Review here.



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