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Brisbane Lions report 1.78 million loss in 2016

The Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club has recorded a net operating loss of $1.78 million for 2015/16.

The Club generated a trading loss of $0.3 million for the year ending October 31, 2016, prior to depreciation and interest costs.

The $1.78 million loss in 2015/16 was in line with the Club’s budget forecast for the year. This year’s result was driven by a range of factors:

  • Increased football department investment;
  • Costs associated with the release of the Senior Coach from his contract;
  • Declining crowds and membership due to performanc

Other key points of the Lions’ 2016 Financial Report are:

  • Total Club turnover of $49 million, compared to $51 million the previous financial year;
  • Football department expenditure of $22 million, compared to $21.5 million the previous financial year;

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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