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St Kilda Football Club has delivered an operating profit of $150,589 for 2016

St Kilda Football Club has delivered an operating profit of $150,589 for the 2016 financial year before grant funding revenue, depreciation, amortisation and interest, and an overall accounting net profit of $1,107,311.

Included within the accounting net profit is Moorabbin Reserve grant funding and additional depreciation of the Seaford premises due to the expected relocation to Moorabbin.

Key highlights include:

  • Record operating revenue of $34.5m, a $2.1m increase on 2015.
  • Sponsorship and Events revenue up $0.65m from the continued expansion of our sponsorship portfolio.
  • More than 7,500 new members joined the Saints during the year – the largest growth of all AFL clubs which resulted in a final membership tally of 38,101.
  • The club recorded strong growth in match-day attendances in 2016 with over 685,000 people attending St Kilda games, a 16.2% increase on 2015.
  • Revenue from match returns increased by $0.44m, due to strong attendances at home games and the shift of a home game to the MCG.
  • The club continued to invest in its on-field program, investing $1.12m more in 2016 including a $0.67m increase in player related spending and a $0.45m increase in non-player spending.

Annual Report is here.

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