Rugby League State of Origin 2 Crowd and Ratings

State of Origin 2 was officially sold out at 5pm yesterday, and ended up with a crowd of 82,259, making it the third highest Origin crowd at ANZ since 2003.

On Television the game rated 1.046m in Sydney, 330,000 in Melbourne, 762,000 in brisbane, 102,000 in Adelaide and 139,000 in Perth. A further 1.103 million watched in the regional areas. The match reached a peak of 4.013 million.

The Perth audience is the highest since 2003, and narrowly beats the Game 1 audience of 138,000

This ranks game 2 the 17th highest rated Origin and the sixth highest rated game 2, since 2003. Ratings were 64,000 lower than 2016’s Game 2, a drop of around 1.2% on overnight preliminary ratings. The game finished behind game 1, 2017 in total ratings.



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