Rugby League State of Origin Game 1, 2018

Origin 1 was was the most watched event on TV in 2018 so far, with an average national audience of 3.456m (5 City: 2.353m / Regional: 1.103m). This figure was down just 71,000 (-2%) on Game 1, 2017. Game 1, 2018 is the 19th highest rated Origin since 2001, and the 9th highest rated Game 1.

Origin averaged 55k unique live-streams and totaled 6.6 million minutes of streaming, making it ‘s “biggest ever live streaming event”

 With 87,122 people in attendance, it was the third highest Origin crowd in history, behind the 91,513 at Game 2, 2015 (also at the MCG) and the 88,336 at Game 2, 1999 at Stadium Australia (in Olympic configuration).


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