Best Betting Options for the AFL 2020 Season

There’s no doubt that the Australian Football League (AFL) is the most viewed sport in the Australian sub-continent. These are some of the best athletes from across the world giving it their 100% week in and week out and it makes for an action-packed season which is enjoyed by millions of fans not just in Australia, but around the world.

The AFL is also a favorite of sports gambling punters as it offers a versatile and dynamic gambling opportunity for both fans of the league and betting enthusiasts alike. If you are interested in the view statistics or TV ratings numbers for AFL 2019, click here.

The AFL features 18 of the best football teams in the country from five different states. They vie for the coveted Premiership Cup and the season starts in March and goes on till September, with the final round of games played during the last weekend of September.

The 2020 season is all set to kick off with Carlton and Richmond Square who will face off at the MCG. The final of the 2020 season is scheduled to be played on the last Saturday of September as usual and the defending champions going into the 2020 season are The Richmond Tigers who took the spoils in 2019, they did so for the second time in the previous three years.

They are also going to be the team to beat this season. They are favorites as per bookmakers to win the flag again in 2020 at $4.50. The Eagles are second favorites at $6.50 (they were the finalists last year) and Brisbane and Geelong come in third and fourth both at $13.

Different betting options for AFL games

When it comes to betting on NFL games, there are several different types of bets you can place. Some of the best bet offers for the AFL 2020 season that you will come across at most sportsbooks are as follows:

  • Win bet – The win bet is probably one of the easiest and most straightforward bet there is, all you need to do is bet on which team will win.
  • Line bet – This is also called a spread and the punter will be required to select the right team after a points handicap has been published by the bookmaker. This is a widely used amongst different bookmakers as an effective way to even out the betting and put each team on a level playing ground in terms of betting before the game kicks off.
  • Margin bet – When you make a margin bet, you do more than just wager which team will win. Essentially, not only do you have to put money on which team may win but also need to call out how much the team will win by. For example, you could place a bet on team A to win by 1-39 points. Since, this goes further than just getting the winning team right, punters get much better odds with a margin bet and so it is one of the best betting options in the AFL.
  • First goal – As the name suggests, you just need to call out who will score the first goal. Naturally the odds for forwards are much shorter than they are for midfielders and defenders. For some reason, this is an especially popular bet amongst punters during the AFL Grand Final.
  • Most goals – In this kind of bet, you place money on which player on the field you think will score the highest number of goals. Like with First Goal, forwards usually come with the shortest odds here too.
  • Most disposals – Players are split into tow groups and punters will have to select a player from a group who will outshine the others from the group when it comes to the number of disposals.
  • Medal winner –This bet requires punters to consider the entire season and predict which player will come out with the medal (there are various medals you can bet on). Usually, midfielders win this medal as they have the most ball time and consequentially the most impact on the game. Therefore, the midfielders come with the shortest odds in this time of bet.

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