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Parramatta reports a profit of 3.025m for 2021

A strong financial result was delivered by the Group. Consolidated Group Net Profit increased by 42% to $3.0m.

Item 2021 2020 inc/Dec
Revenue 68.44 67.121 1.97%
Profit 3.025 2.122 42.55%
NRl Distro 14.004 13.788 1.57%
Poker Machines 35.074 38.753 -9.49%
Sponsorship 7.969 5.076 56.99%
Gate 4.891 2.719 79.88%

The licensed Clubs profit increased from $0.8m in 2020 to $2.0m in 2021, despite the 106-day closure of both licensed Clubs during 2021.

Total Members Funds increased from $71.8m to $74.8m.

Pleasingly, during the financial year we were able to repay in full the $4.5m in taxes deferred from the previous year COVID shut-down period. Additionally, our debt levels were reduced by $4.3m down to $21.8m. The Group remains in a strong cash position to support our future plans.

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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