May 19th, 2022 – Thursday Attendance and Television

The Round 11 clash between the Knights and Broncos at McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle was attended by 13,312 people. The free to air television audience on Nine in the 5 Capital cities was 362,000 with regionals and BVOD to come later. This was the NRLs best metro audience since Round 1 across all timeslots, and the third highest for the year. Over on Fox, the set top box ratings managed 219,000 for the game.

Thursday Night NRL

  • 9 Metro 362,000
  • Regional/BVOD Not Available
  • Fox STB 219,000
  • Streaming not available
  • NZ not available.

For a full match report checked out LeagueUnlimiteds coverage here.

Other Sports coverage

  • The Late Show with Matty Jones rated 83,000 on Foxleague, while the Thursday night NRL coverage rated 59,000.
  • AFL 360 Extra rated 32,000 on Foxfooty, while The Front Bar hit 338,000 viewers on Seven metro.

No AFL last night and There was no game last Thursday due to Magic Round.

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