Weekend Attendances – A-league, AFLW, NBL, RLWC and T20 World Cup

A-league Men

Round 4 of the 2022 ALM season was attended by 39,699 people at an average of 6,617 per match, using 32% of capacity. To date, the 2022 ALM season has been attended by 206,543 people at an average of 8,980 per match, using 29% of capacity.


Round 10 of AFLW S7 was attended by 14,386 people at an average of 1,598 per match, using 12% of venue capacity. S7 of the AFLW was attended by 231,388 peopl at an average of 2,571 using 17% of venue capacity. This is the highest aggregate for any AFLW season, but #3 for average.


With one game to be added from Monday, Round 5 of the 2022 NBL season has been attended by 41,830 at an average of 5,976 per game, using 59% of capacity. So far the season has seen 218,744 people attend at an average of 6,076, at 62% of capacity.

The 2022 NBL season is tracking down 1.2% when compared round to round (although 2021 had some weird 2 game rounds in R4 and 5). Attendance is up 14.6% when you compare the first 36 games of each season.



Rugby League World Cup

The Group Stage of the Mens edition of the RLWC 2021 was attended by 236,365 at an average of 9,849 per match (50% of capacity)

The Womens Group matches start Nov 1.

T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 World Cup Super 12 stage has seen 316,558 people attend at an average of 26,380 per match (44% of capacity). Note: Weekend crowds from the Gabba TBA In total, the ICC T20 World Cup has been attended by 349,839 at an average of 19,436 (41% of capacity).


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