Weekend Attendances 9/11-11/11 – ABL, AFLW, ALM, WNBL, Rugby League World Cup, T20 World Cup


R1 of the 2022-23 ABL season had 10,503 spectators (with three Adelaide games still to report), at an average attendance of 808 per match, using 21% of capacity.


AFLW Semi Finals weekend attracted 4,915 people at an average of 2,458 per game (38% capacity). The Finals series so far has seen 19,023 people attend at an average of 3,171 per game (28% capacity) while the season so far has seen 250,411 attend at an average of 2,608 (17% capacity).

A-league Men

Round 6 of the 2022-23 Aleague (M) competition was attended by 66,549 – average of 13,310 (46% cap) . This is the highest round/average for the season, just beating round 2 (with the Vic/City derby). The season to date has seen 315,788 people attend – average of 9,288 (32% cap)



There was no NBL this weekend

Rugby League World Cup

Sat RLWC Semi Final England/Samoa Crowd: 40,489 (67% capacity) @ Emirates Stadium. Total finals attendance 119,741 at an average of 19,957 (64% capacity) Mens tournament attendance 346,106 at 11,870 average (54% cap) Overall RLWC attendance 391,782 at 7,534 ave (55% capacity).


T20 World Cup Finals



Round 2 of the 2022-2023 WNBL season was attended by 7,988 people at an average of 1,598 (44% capacity) The first 2 rounds of te 2022-2023 WNBL season have been attended by 12,620 people at an average of 1,260 per game ( 37% capacity)



  • The data is free for anyone to use and sourced from League websites – you can find the tables here.
  • Stadium capacities are from Austadiums.com

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