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26.04.2023 – A Massive Weekend for TV Ratings and Crowds in the AFL and NRL

A bumper extended weekend was had by the two major codes who continue to experience record attendances, while the A-league reaches its penultimate round of the season.

A-league (Mens Competition)

Round 25 #ALMCrowds totalled 49,948 at an average of 8,325 per game. The season has so far seen 1.116m people attend at an average of 7,494 per game. With one round to go, the A-league has smashed the 2021-2022 season but is still somewhat behind 2018-19 – and wont catch it next week.



Despite 3 matches held in regional grounds, ANZAC Day/EVE clashes bought home the #AFLcrowds with 357,261 at an ave of 39,696. This is the second largest Round 6 attendance ever, just 3,316 behind Roun6, 2019 and up 25% on Round 6, 2022.

The AFL season to date has seen #AFLcrowds of 2.108m at an average of 39,046 (or 2.044m at 37,862). The first figure is a record AFL Round 1-6 attendance aggregate, while the second figure is #3. Either way, this is the 3rd time that 4 of the first 6 rounds have seen 350k+ crowds.

This is only the third time (2018, 2019 and now 2023) that #AFLcrowds have reached 2 million during Round 6.

2008 remains the record holder for average attendance, along with 2010 the only seasons to average more than 40,000 per game during Round 6. This was during the 16 team, 8 games a week era.


Preliminary AFL tv ratings for Round 6 total in at 6.438m at an average of 715,000 per game. This is easily the highest rating round for the AFL so far in 2023, and just over the 6.399m from Round 6, 2022 (also ANZAC Day).

The Pies/Bombers ANZAC Day clash averaged 1.601m viewers and is the highest of any match so far this year, and beating the 1.415m rating for last years ANZAC Day.

Broadcast on Channel 7 and 7mate, Collingwood’s thrilling 13-point victory over Essendon reached 2.19m viewers nationally. The game peaked at 1.26m viewers nationally and averaged 949,000 viewers, up 18% on the 2022 clash and up 49% on the 2022 AFL season average.

Consolidated Gather Round #AFLtvratings have come in at around 5.994m @ 666k average with consolidation and streaming estimates).


Lakers/Grizzlies ESPN 43,000


Supernetball – Magpies/Lightning Fox505 26,000


#NRLCrowds for Round 8 were 157,257 at an average of 19,657. This is up 48% on 2022 and is the 4th highest Round 8 attendance since 1997 behind 2012, 2016 and 2014. The season has been attended by 1.242m folks at an average of 19,409 – both a record for Round 1-8 aggregate and ave.

This is the first time any NRL season has crossed the 1.2m #NRLcrowds mark by the close of Round 8.


Preliminary #NRLtvratings for Round 8 total in at 6.580m at an average of 822,000 per match. This is the first time the NRL has scored over 6m a round on prelim ratings/estimates and is the highest rating round of any code in the last two years.

Consolidated Round 7 #NRLtvratings have come in at around 5.632m (Ave 704k). #4 in 2023

Superleague (UK)

Round 10 #SLUK crowds totalled 55,735 at an average of 8,977 per game. So far the season has seen more than 527,497 people attend at an average of 9,420 per match.

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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