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Wallabies, Matildas, Wimbledon – The “other” crowds and ratings 12-17/7/2023

Matildas warm up Match

Matildas/Les Bleues 50,629 at @marvelstadiumau This is a record Matildas attendance…for now



  • Ten 472k
  • Met 295k
  • Reg 138k
  • BVOD 38k
  • Post 287k

Rugby Union

Battle of the National Teams

VOZ Total [Met/Reg/BVOD]

  • Walllabies/Pumas 417k [246k/143k/28k] No STAN available
  • Wallabies FTA bigger in Syd/Per
  • Matildas/Bleues 472k [295k/138k/38k] No Paramount+ available
  • Matildas FTA bigger in Mel (easily)/Bri/Adl

Tottenham AU Tour 2023

#ftblcrowds AU Glory/WHam 24,273


Wimbledon Womens Final 251k [171k/58k/22k] TD France 233k [162k/69k/2k]

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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