Records fall and sellout attendances continue at the 2023 Womens World Cup

There was barely a spare seat to be found as the first knock out stage of the Womens World Cup saw venues filled to capacity in both Australia and New Zealand. The Group of 16 matches were attended by 310,706 people at an average of 38,838 per match across 7 venues in 2 countries using an average of 99.86% of FIFA nominated capacity.

FIFAs original ticket sales target was 1.3m but was later revised as Tournament organisers hoped for 1.5m tickets to be sold during the entire tournament, with 1.3m already sold before the tournament began – already exceeding the 1.1m in tickets sold for France 2019. By August 4, it was revealed that more than 1.7m tickets had been sold for the 2023 Womens World Cup.

In addition more than 500,000 fans have attended FIFA live sites across the country.

Australian group of 16 matches were attended by 234,447 people at an average of 39,075 across 5 venues in 4 states using an average of 99.85% of venue capacity. Matches in NZ were attended by 76,259 at an average of 38,130 across 2 venues using an average of 99.88% of venue capacity.

Total attendance for the tournament hasd reached 1.553 million at an average of 27,385 across 10 venues in 2 countries using an average of 83.67%. This is now the highest tournament attendance for a Womens World Cup in aggregate attendance passing Canada 2015 as the highest, but not eclipsing the averages for USA 1999 or China 2007.

Australian matches in the tournament have reached 943,257 at an average of 31,442 across 6 venues using an average of 92.52% of capacity. NZ matches have seen 590,288 attend matches across 4 venues using an average of 72.58% of available capacity.

Queenslands Brisbane Stadium (Suncorp Stadium) has seen the most attendees at 256,193, while Sydneys Accor Stadium has the best average from its 2 matches at 75,784, as well as the most capacity used at 100% for its Matildas games. In New Zealand, Eden Park is the best attended at 255,988 (2nd overall) at an average of 36,570 (4th overall).

Earlier group stage crowds

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