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Weekend attendances 27-29/10/2023 – A record 59,155 see the Matildas play at Optus Stadium and A-league R2, AFLW R9, NBL R5, Pacific Championships Wk3

A-league Men

Round 2 of the 2023-24 Aleague Mens season was attended by 52,731 at an average of 8,789 per game (28% cap) This season 107,025 have attended at an average of 8,919 per game. This is down 3% on the first two rounds of the 2022-23 season


Round 9 of the 2023-24 #AFLW season was attended 22,662 at an average of 2,518 (20% capacity) This season has been attended by 206,217 at an average of 2,578 per game (21% of capacity). This is down 4% on Rounds 1-9 of the 2022-23 season.


Yesterday saw the the Matildas Australian attendances cross the half million mark for 2023 as 59,155 attended Optus stadium for the Olympic Qualifier agaist the Phillipines. So far in 2023, 516,835 people have attended an even dozen Matildas matches at the Cup of Nations in February, the pre WWC friendly in Melbourne, the WWC itself, and the first 2 Olympic qualifiers in Perth. the average attendance for these is 43,032 (ave cap 90%)


Round 5 of the 2023-23 @NBL season saw 45,798 people at an average of 5,725 per game (71% capacity). This season 253,619 folks have attended 36 NBL matches at an average of 6,091 people per game (75% capacity). This is up 15% on Rounds 1-5 in the 2022-23 season.

Pacific Championships (Ruby League)

Ahead of next weeks finals, The 2023 #PacificChampionships has been attended by 90,496 people at 4 stadiums in 3 countries.

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